People’s Organization

Kathodi Rehabilitation

Gandhi Manav Kalyan Society extended its all support and a helping hand to thousands of poor migrant families to resettle in the villages. It provided houses and other basic amenities. These people had no land and homes for shelter. Nor they had two square meals in a day. With the help from Gandhi Manav Kalyan Society, the Kathodi tribal people started to begin a new life.

It was a great sense of realization among the members of the Society to take up the plight of this Kathodi community. In 1986, the members of Gandhi Manav Kalyan Society came in to their rescue and started working for their rehabilitation. Samija village was identified for the rehabilitation of this Kathodi community. The period from 1986 to 2000 was seen as the most crucial period for development of the Kathodis. During the period, Gandhi Manav Kalyan Society had fought a battle with the government to acquire 104 acres of land for the rehabilitation of this tribal community.

The society constructed 382 houses to provide shelter to the Kathodi families; non-formal education centre, child labour rehabilitation school and a residential hostel were established with the help of government and other agencies.

Hand pumps, latrines and other drinking water facilities were arranged in the villages. The Society had also established a community centre in the village. The villagers were provided adequate training to start cultivation in the areas.